About Us

INTER-EXPORT is furniture industry from Strumica, Republic of Macedonia, founded with a private capital since 01.01.1991. Its primary goal is producing high quality furniture from massive wood.
INTER-EXPORT uses Italian technology (CNC) for processing corps of splinter and frontage of massive wood (oak or beech). The frontal parts are being finessed with eco-colors and lacquers which are fulfilling the highest eco-standards. Essential characteristic for our company is pure flexibility in adopting market request and continuosly following fashion trends in design.


str. "Boris Pop-Dimitrov" bb.
2400 Strumica, R. Macedonia
Phone: 389 (34) 346.909; 389 (34) 346.976
Fax: 389 (34) 345.064
E-mail: kontakt@inter-export.com.mk